Janine Sandler, LCSW

Thanks for visiting. I know finding a therapist can be a daunting task. I hope my site gives a little more insight into who I am as a therapist. For me, being a therapist is about helping people find their way towards greater fulfillment and balance in life, despite the rough patches that have come before and may come again. I want to facilitate clarity, self-acceptance and freedom from false beliefs that may be holding you back. When given the right space and attention, I believe people can access their own internal wisdom; I hope to help you filter out the noise of everyday life so you can hear your own voice and follow the path that is right for you.

  • About Me

    I've been working in the Oakland Bay Area since 2004 as a clinical social worker. Prior to having my own practice, I spent many years working in community mental health with children, adults, & families providing intensive therapeutic support in English & Spanish. I provide a safe and non-judgmental space where your individuality, culture, and values are honored and embodied in our collaboration.

  • Education

    ● 1999, B.A. Latin American & Latino Studies + minor in Anthropology; UC Santa Cruz ● 2001, K-8 teaching credential at Mills College, taught 6th grade at a public school ● 2006, Master of Social Work (MSW) from San Francisco State Univ.

  • Therapeutic Approaches

    Most frequently I draw from Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioral, Internal Family Systems, and Mindfulness techniques. Occasionally, I utilize Solution Focused strategies for short term goal attainment. Emotional pain often manifests itself in the body, I work to help you understand the mind-body connection as a means to processing and releasing stored emotion.

Traverse and Transcend 

How & Why therapy helps

    Change, healing and growth are not small undertakings. Therapy is a powerful resource to assist you in that process and can help you navigate emotional terrain that may be overwhelming and confusing to face alone. 
    We have a tendency as humans to unknowingly get in our own way at times. In therapy we can slow down and figure out where and why this is happening, then learn how to integrate new skills for breaking free of old habits. 
    Therapy is an opportunity to better understand how your early experiences have shaped you and identify what messages you have internalized along the way. It may be time to flip the script on some of those messages and integrate a narrative that is more in line with your authentic self.
    Sometimes the coping methods we have developed to survive and protect ourselves need to be re-evaluated. Are these coping methods still helping you in your current stage of life, or are they contributing to a feeling of being stuck and disconnected? Taking time to reflect on this with a therapist as a sounding board and compassionate guide can bring greater clarity about the way forward.
    Our biology combined with the environment in which we were raised sometimes work against us and the anxiety, depression, compulsions, addictions and insecure attachment style you may be walking around with every day is not something to be ashamed of or to reject. Those uncomfortable feelings are simply one part of your being, but they can become very loud and domineering if not given the proper attention and outlets. The therapeutic relationship can offer the safe, non-judgmental space people need, so shame around mental health issues can be released and replaced with the kindness necessary to truly take care of themselves.  

Common issues

Following are some of the primary issues I address in my practice

  • Anxiety & Depression

    Panic attacks, a constant sense of dread, social anxiety, uncontrollable worry. Loss of interest in activities, fatigue, overwhelming sadness and/or hopelessness

  • Major Life Transitions

    Career, separation/divorce, grief/loss, new relationships

  • Trauma, Abuse, Domestic Violence

    Post Traumatic Stress - recovery from both past or recent traumatic events, as well as recovery from Domestic abuse and violence

  • Emotional Regulation

    Gaining control over hurt, anger, fear so you are not defined by your feelings, but by your true self

  • Parenting & Family

    Overwhelmed with child behavior, feelings of guilt, uncertain how to help your child

Policies and Location

My office is located at 2831 Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA 94609

Please contact me directly to discuss my fee, I offer a sliding scale for those unable to pay the full fee.

  • Insurance

    I currently accept Anthem Blue Cross and Beacon insurance and can provide a Superbill for your insurance carrier (this typically helps you obtain reimbursement from your insurance, if you're out of network)

  • Therapy Sessions

    I typically provide 55 minute therapy sessions if you arrive at our scheduled time, arriving late reduces the length of the session. I have a 48 hour cancellation policy with exceptions for emergencies, otherwise last minute cancellations are responsible for the full fee

  • Getting to and about the office

    If you drive, there's usually plenty of metered street parking available. If you bicycle, there's available indoor Bicycle parking during your visit. Tea and watered are offered for your comfort. 

  • BART & Transit

    My office is ±20 minute walk from 19th street BART station and The #6 AC Transit Bus takes you directly from BART to my office

Janine Sandler, LCSW

Psychotherapy for Individuals, Children & Families